Advance Against Credit Card Receivable

    For a company which involve in retail or an area where they get their payment via credit card swiping, for such companies NFC can raise money for your working capital as well as any kind of expansion. We will give you future credit card receivable on the spot in the form of OD or working capital term loan which is to be paid in monthly repayment this facility is toe tally unsecured.

    Advance Against Rent Receivable

    For the company or an individual who needs funds for expansion or any other reason NFC can arrange funds by discounting their future rent receivable here, we can arrange in terms of OD as well as a monthly repayment term loan.

    Loan Against Properties

    Reaching your goal is not an easy task. More so in business. Hidden behind every opportunity are challenges that have to be overcome so that your business can grow and move to the next level. So to fulfil any fund requirement in your business we can arrange funds against your properties while keeping in mind the best rate and amount so that you may make the best use of it.

    A company as well as an individual can be eligible for such and any structural deal can also be arranged.

    Loans For Buying Properties

    Investment is always advisable but investment in properties is more advisable for better appreciation, NFC involves making your dream property realistic by arranging funds to buy property either for a company or an individual.

    Loans Against Shares

    Another way of raising funds is to pledge your share with our bank/institution which is approved by them, funds can be either in the form of Over Draft or Demand Loan with monthly repayment, we take care to give the best valuation of your shares and with better rates.